Our Services

Our upholstery services are idyllic to maintain the exquisiteness and look of both your residential and commercial antiques and interiors. Be it at home, office or a public place, the right sort of furniture is essential to enhance the look and thus, make it more inviting to the guests. We provide an array of upholstery services at affordable prices; we undertake renovation and refinishing work as well as provide customized furniture solutions for our clients in an effective manner to meet their specific requirements. The following lists the vital upholstery services offered by us;

Commercial Re-Upholstery

  • We provide new furniture and even re-upholstery services for the convenience of our clients.
  • Our team conducts step-by-step restoration process to ensure that the furniture becomes brand new and in turn stays for a longer period of time.
  • Cushions and sofas particularly in a commercial setting tend to get damaged quickly when exposed to heat, dust, water and other elements. This will make the furniture surface look dirty and also creates a bad ambience.
  • With our re-upholstery services you can solve this problem easily. Our commercial re-upholstery services includes for providing restaurants chairs and booths, casino chairs and stools, Church pews, day clubs and night clubs, showrooms, room furniture, and more.

Custom fabrication and manufacturing

  • We design the furniture items as per the preferences and desires of the customers. We are specialized in carrying out customized refinishing work thus aiding our clients to obtain commercial furniture in their preferred size as well as color and design.
  • Our commercial custom fabrication and manufacturing services include creation of custom made chairs and sofas, restaurant seating, wall upholstery, purse stools and more.
  • The Sofa cushions are offered with a choice of luxury foam, feather and fiber materials. Based on the preferences of clients, we provide the customized solutions.

Furniture refinishing and makeover

  • We undertake complete wood refinishing projects as well, thereby making our clients’ furniture look more polished and renovated.
  • We assure to offer “Quality Touch” wood sort of touch-up at reasonable price.


  • We offer expertise and upscale craftsmanship services to cater our clients’ auto upholstery needs.
  • Auto upholstery for all sorts of vehicles as well as fleet vehicles, boats and customs are offered by us.


  • We provide homeowners looking forward to procure most modern furniture with various up-to-date furniture designs.
  • Our residential upholstery services include; head board re-upholetsry, chairs and sofas re-upholstery, custom made wall upholstery, sofas and chairs.

We assure to provide high quality services at competitive price to cater our clients’ needs.

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